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Britain For Europe

Britain for Europe is the voice of the pro-European movement in the UK.

We are an alliance of local, regional and national networks, all sharing the same goal of keeping the UK in the EU as a full member.

We believe:

  • in the principle of Parliamentary democracy and the rule of law
  • that it is greatly in the UK’s political, economic and social interests to remain part of the most progressive and democratic regional intergovernmental organisation in history
  • that young people and future generations of British citizens should have the best possible prospects for their education and their careers as citizens of a free and united Europe
  • that British society will continue to prosper from the close interaction and exchange of goods, ideas and culture that we have with the rest of the EU member states, enabling travel and promoting education for all European citizens
  • that the EU embodies the values that we recognise as British values, including democracy, justice, tolerance, collaboration, human rights and the rule of law [European Charter of Fundamental Freedoms]
  • that no organisation or country is perfect, but that each of us is stronger when we are united, and working closely together to achieve our shared objectives and face up to our common challenges, including: climate change, terrorism, international conflict, mass migration, a global economy centred around people, not vested interests, and the need for a fair and equitable distribution of wealth
  • that the future of the UK lies in a strong and united Europe, capable of facing up to the challenges of today and tomorrow, and of playing a leading role in championing international peace and prosperity

JOIN US and help ensure that the UK continues to be an increasingly progressive, inclusive and democratic society by retaining its rightful place at the table of European governments.