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Britain For Europe Launches at City Hall


Britain For Europe launches at City Hall, London

A new grass roots campaigning organisation, Britain For Europe, launched at City Hall in London on 17th August, by kind permission of Andrew Dismore AM.  Its aim is to create a central organisation to support a grassroots non-party nationwide network of Remain campaigners who will continue to strive for the UK to remain in the EU.

The initial meeting of Britain For Europe on 17thAugust included many volunteer representatives from across the UK as well as representatives from other pro-EU campaign groups.

The meeting discussed the experience of campaigning before the referendum, campaign activities since the vote, and the specific help that is now needed.

Britain for Europe believes that the referendum campaign did not reach enough voters with a sufficiently positive and effective message.  Now apathy and resignation are real risks.  So we need a strong, stable and well-funded organisation to continue the campaign over the months ahead and re-energise campaigners. As the negative consequences of the referendum vote accumulate, we must hammer home to MPs that full membership of the EU – moreover with opt-outs from the Euro and Schengen – provides by far and away the best future for the UK.  And Vote Leave must be held to account for their lies and for the promises on which they cannot deliver.

Membership of the EU offers the UK a myriad of benefits: economic stability, a say in policy, access to a  single market of 740 million people, the right to live and work in 27 other countries, security cooperation, free health services,  opportunities for young people to live and study abroad – to name but a  few.

For all these reasons Britain For Europe has been formed to be a positive and organised cross-party organisation to help fill the post-referendum political vacuum. It aims to:

  1. Persuade the government to delay the triggering of Article 50 for as long as possible – preferably indefinitely
  2. Fight for an open and connected world – get the best terms out of any negotiations
  3. Change hearts and minds to understand and support a pro-EU stance

Tim Skeet, Interim Chair, said: “From the disappointment and sense of anger at the Brexit campaign we pulled together Remain activists to refocus their energies to engage with the nation and argue for a more positive and productive vision of engagement with the EU. We are looking to lead from despondency back to hope and a dynamic future in a spirit of openness, democracy and tolerance with the EU.


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