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Our Team

Who are we?

We are all volunteers who continue to commit time and resources to create and support a grassroots-led campaign. Many of us actively volunteered for the Remain campaign for the Brexit referendum. We were founded in London but have members and supporters across the U.K and abroad.

How are we funded?

We are funded entirely by contributions from individual supporters. We are not funded by any large corporate interests.

How are we organised?

We have a core team that creates campaigns, determines strategy, undertakes research, manages social media, volunteer outreach and funding. The team enlists expertise in campaigns, finance, policy research, start-ups and volunteer management. We are diverse and entirely volunteer led- guided by a commitment to public service. At Britain for Europe (B4E), we do not have a traditional corporate structure - rather than a hierarchical management structure, we believe in empowering each member of the B4E team to lead and deliver what they know best.

In November 2016, we are establishing a UK wide Council which will guide our campaign strategy and represent B4E public positions. The UK Council will comprise of delegates from membership associations and groups representing different regional constituencies in the UK. We are also broadening our Advisory Council to include key affiliates and experts. We work closely with our network of affiliates and friends to join forces for online and field campaigns.