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Britain For Europe

Britain for Europe is a national voice campaigning for continued UK membership of the European Union. We are a non-party political organisation made up of affiliated local activist groups from across the UK.

Our key objectives are ensuring that:

  • continued membership of the EU is recognised in public debate as a legitimate option for the UK
  • the majority of the British people want a vote on the final deal, with remaining in the EU as the outcome if the deal is rejected. 

We believe:

  • In democracy and the rule of law.
  • In the sovereignty of the UK Parliament.
  • That the Charter of Fundamental Rights of the European Union amplifies the rights, freedoms and interests of the British people.
  • That UK and EU law underpin our economic, social and political rights.
  • That the UK can only be truly global and outward facing as a fully committed member of the European Union.
  • That the life prospects of young people and future generations of British citizens are augmented by continued UK membership of the EU.
  • That the four nations of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland are stronger when united as a sovereign country, and as a member of the European Union.
  • That continued UK membership of the EU is necessary to ensure the UK is relevant and effective in tackling global challenges such as climate change, terrorism, the displacement of peoples, and global economic adversity.

We reject:

  • All forms of hate, racism and xenophobia that have been exacerbated by the referendum campaign and ballot.
  • Nationalist protectionism, imperialism and isolationism.
  • Treating EU nationals, EU member states and the EU itself as our enemies rather than our friends

A strong, free and united European Union, with Britain at its heart, is capable of facing up to the challenges of today and tomorrow, and of playing a leading role in championing international peace and prosperity.

If you agree with our manifesto, please JOIN US and help ensure that the UK continues to be an increasingly progressive, inclusive and democratic society by retaining its rightful place at the table of European governments.

Please donate to support our work.