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Britain for Europe Stages Pro-EU Rallies Across UK

Non-party political campaign group Britain for Europe’s 40 affiliated local groups have staged rallies across the UK to send a message that support for remaining a full member of the EU remains undimmed.

Following the rejection of Theresa May’s Brexit vision and the resurgence of young voters rejecting a chaotic separation from the EU, Britain for Europe groups from Brighton to Manchester and from Whitehall to Perth rallied to show their support for continued EU membership.


After a year that has seen the value of the pound plummet and repeated warnings from business leaders, universities and healthcare officials, the government continues to hold the country to ransom without knowing their own demands.

Speaking on behalf of Britain for Europe's 40 affiliated groups across the country, National Chair Tom Brufatto commented:

"Theresa May presides over a coalition of chaos. Her lack of control risks turning what was always a national act of self harm into a full-blown disaster. In the face of this, Britain for Europe stands resolute in our determination to oppose Brexit in all its forms."

"It is now imperative - if only for the sake of parliamentary democracy, but also for our future peace and prosperity - that when the negotiated deal is put to parliament, MPs are granted a free vote which includes the option of continued EU membership."

"We call on people to join our 30,000 members and supporters and be a part of the change our country deserves. Brexit must be stopped. By working together to hold the government to account, it will be."