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Britain for Europe welcomes High Court decision on Article 50

Britain for Europe, the new national group campaigning to keep the UK in the EU, has welcomed the High Court’s ruling that Parliament must vote before the government triggers Article 50.

Tim Skeet, Chair of Britain for Europe, said: “Today is a victory for both democracy and common sense, and everyone that believes in parliamentary representation should be pleased that the principles of our constitution have been upheld.

“Nevertheless, it is just a small step in the direction of continued UK membership of the EU, and the focus of the campaign by pro-Europeans will now be to ensure that MPs remain true to their consciences, recall their own arguments over Brexit – and vote against the isolation and misery that withdrawal would create.

“That the government was willing to take such a colossal measure without consulting our elected representatives demonstrated a troubling disregard for parliamentary sovereignty – and revealed their fears that a large proportion of MPs and their constituents are desperate to reverse the destructive course that they seemed determined to follow.”